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Written by Success Blogger on 9:11 AM

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Get Paid to Sign up,Complete Offers,Take Free Surveys and refer your friends :: Low minimum payout !!! :: Competitive offer payouts :: DAILY PAYOUT! This means you will receive your payout within 24 business hours :: Great Referral Program, $ 0.10 by active referral. :: International members are welcome. :: No fees for PayPal! When we send you PayPal funds - PayPal won t take you a fee for receiving the funds from us!

New Affiliate Program

Written by Success Blogger on 9:31 AM

Hi Friends,
i am here with a new Program. Its Etoro. It Pays you $100 Per Lead.
About Etoro:-

The Forex trading industryWith a daily turnover of over $3.2 trillion, as estimated by The Bank of International Settlement, the Forex market has quickly become the world’s biggest and most liquid financial market. Nevertheless, it is a market that has up until now allowed very narrow access to private traders, since it customarily uses terminology and procedures that can take years to grasp.About eToroeToro has developed a cutting edge Forex trading software
, catering to novice and veteran traders alike by way of a user friendly trading interface, and various additional features that render the vast world of Forex trading accessible to new traders. eToro’s easy to use platform makes foreign exchange trading almost entirely intuitive, through its extensive use of trade visualization. eToro’s platform is also designed to make Forex trading a community oriented experience, with such features as private and public chats, forums and championships.eToro’s provision of an opportunity to acquire trading experience by trading for virtual money, makes this platform hugely attractive to beginner traders, since it enables them to get their chops without risking any of their money. This way, novices can get a fundamental understanding of the world of Forex, before they dive in. Furthermore, eToro makes the learning experience a smooth and painless one, by replacing the complex charts and lingo that the Forex market is famous for, with step by step instructions, tutorials, professional support and creative graphic representations of trading activity.eToro’s forward thinking approach combines all the advantages of the Forex market, namely its scale, its liquidity and its extent of opportunity, with all the advantages of online technology, in order to create a user friendly access to an enormous and complex industry.Overall, eToro has produced the ultimate trading environment, where one can learn, develop, communicate, and grow according to one’s individual needs.
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Latest Payment From Clickbooth (October 2008 Payment)

Written by Success Blogger on 11:39 PM

latest payment from clickbooth october payment Below.
Its a huge payment $960.00. on Oct 15th 2008.

I kept This payment to show that clickbooth is not scam.

also it paid on time.

eBay wants to pay you to drive traffic

Written by Success Blogger on 9:09 AM


The online e-tailer thinks people offer a great opportunity to bring more users to eBay, and has put up the cash to reward those who bring traffic, and buyers & sellers, to the site.

Editor’s Note: eBay is rolling out the proverbial red carpet for affiliates, rewarding those high volume sellers with opportunities to make even more. Can you see your small business joining something like this? Discuss in WebProWorld.

Affiliates with eBay have a couple of ways to profit from that relationship. One method gives website publishers the ability to affiliate with eBay, deliver visitors to the e-commerce site, and make money based on what the visitor does when he or she arrives.

To best profit from the eBay UK Affiliate Program, your site should deliver a large volume of visitors through your affiliate links to eBay. This is where all of your efforts at optimizing your site for search engines like Google comes into play. And if you need help with that, a number of people on the WebProWorld forums can probably offer helpful suggestions.

Make Money with eBay’s Affiliate Program

Written by Success Blogger on 9:02 AM


moneyeBay Web Services for Affiliates, a presentation by Alan Lewis at Affiliate Summit 2006 East, is now available as a transcript.

Alan Lewis is a technical evangelist with the eBay Developers Program and has been at eBay since 2004.

He helps developers and affiliates use the eBay Web Services platform to develop applications that help users sell, search, and buy on eBay.

Before joining eBay he worked as a technical writer and product manager at Blaze Software, where he helped build the market leading enterprise business rules management product.

Alan has a BA in philosophy from University of California, Santa Barbara. He is a self-taught Java and C# coder. Alan blogs at alanlewis.typepad.com.

Read the transcript from the eBay Web Services for Affiliates presentation.

The session is also available for download as an MP3.

Affiliate Future : CPA Program

Written by Success Blogger on 1:45 AM

If you want to increase your web site's earning potential, join AffiliateFuture's UK network to earn more revenue from your visitors. It works by allowing Merchants to advertise on your site, and AffiliateFuture UK pays you monthly when these adverts generate visits, leads or sales. Highly Recommended.

Commissions: Varies.
Date Updated: 4/17/2008

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Affiliateer : New Affiliate Program

Written by Success Blogger on 1:29 AM

Affiliateer is a performance based affiliate network providing some of the best offers available. Affiliateer provides on time payments, accurate reporting and a $100 Sign Up Bonus. Highly Recommended.

Commissions: Varies.
Date Updated: 5/26/2008


Written by Success Blogger on 2:00 AM

Advibrance Affiliate Network

New affiliate network in the town! They operate one of the most cutting-edge affiliate networks on the internet. Some of the featured advertisers are well known brands like Bidz, SinglesNet, ShoeBuy and more.

Advibrance Affiliate Network gives 3 main promises:
1. Best Offers
2. Highest Payouts
3. Excellent Support (which is very important, I know it from my own experience).

Advibrance Affiliate Network has some of the highest bonus rewards in the industry. These rewards help to encourage you to meet your goals and you know that there is a nice bonus waiting for you when you get there.

Table Of Current Rewards:

Your CommissionBonus Reward

Why Partner With Advibrance?

  • Some of the hottest offers around
  • Advibrance takes care of every affiliate
  • Responsive and helpful support staff
  • Fast Payouts For High Volume Affiliates - Payments Via Paypal, Check or Direct Deposit
  • Advibrance helps you with whatever you need. From landing pages to unique offers & creatives.
  • Some of the best rewards and bonuses available to affiliates
  • Affiliates with higher ratings in system receive the best bonuses!
  • Exclusive 4% commission of any affiliates you refer!

About Payouts (I know that everyone is interested: “how about payout terms” before joining):

Payouts are made by Paypal, Check or Direct Deposit and Advibrance requires new affiliates to be set on a monthly payout basis meaning you will receive your payment once per month on the 5th of each month. The payout schedule is flexible if you require sooner payments. If you are a volume/super affiliate they has special payout terms and rates to suit your needs.

Affiliate must accumulate a minimum of $10.00 in their account for a commission payment to be issued.

Plus, you will receive $20 Signup Bonus! Sounds nice? ;)

iPhone 3G

Written by Success Blogger on 10:59 AM

The iPhone 3G is selling like crazy these few days. This is due to the low price of the iPhone 3G which is quite affordable.

Prices of iPhone 3G:
  • 8GB version USD199.00
  • 16GB version USD299.00
The iPhone 3G is having the same design as the normal iPhone. The iPhone 3G comes with different color which are black and white.

Submitting Blogger Sitemap To Google

Written by Success Blogger on 8:40 AM

Hi all. Creating this post for my buddy chethan who is asking how to submit a blogger sitemap to Google. Therefore, I might as well share this with the rest of you guys who might not know what to do. The purpose of submitting a blogger sitemap to Google Webmasters Tools is to make it easier for Google to find and index our page. Please be aware that submitting sitemap has no direct effect on the Google PR.

Firstly, go create an account with Google Webmasters Tools. The first time that you login into Webmasters Tools, you will need to key in your blog URL. After which, you need to verify that this is your site.

Click on the Manage site verification and there are 2 ways in which you can verify. The first one is by creating the indicated HTML file and the other is to add the meta tag. Due to the fact that we could not create a HTML as it need to be uploaded to the root directory, we need to use Meta Tag method.

Copy the Meta Code that is generated. Next go to your Blogger Dashboard and click onLayout followed by Edit HTML. Place the Meta code directly below the head tag which is something like this:

If you can't find the head tag, you can press Ctrl+F and search for it. Once done, go back to Google Webmaster Tools and clicked on the verify button.

Ok now we are all set and ready to use Google Webmasters Tools. You can get an overview of when your website is crawled by Google, how many of your site is indexed etc. But most imporantly, you can see what are you Top Search Queries. Top Search Queries basically means that your site actually appeared on Google search results when people are searching for a particular query or keyword. You could also see your position in the search engine results. Therefore, you could work on that particular keyword which will improve on your SEOs. I will touch on this more when I post regarding SEOs.

Next go to Sitemaps and click on add sitemap. Select add a general web sitemap.

Add this as your sitemap address:


Ta Dah! Your sitemap has been submitted to Google and you will expect Google spider to reach your blog more often.

And one more thing that is to subscribe to my feed if your like my post.

Enjoy your day guys :)

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